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OTT 030317

I wrote OTT around the same time I wrote Paris, I think maybe within the same week. OTT still to this day is one of my favourite tracks, lyrics wise it’s super personal and detailed to me. I’ll always love the double meaning, that girl was dramatic as hell and the sex was also crazy. I wrote the second verse a while after I wrote the first and hook, but that second verse gets me every time, “She said she can drive got a TT, she said her friends call her Mi-Mi”, well on our first date we went for breakfast and she did have a TT and that little thing was fast as shit! The backing vocals in this track also, “you can call me anything, you can see me anytime” still my favourite.

MANGO 201116

Mango was actually worked on and changed a lot before its release. It started as only the second half, jazzy chilled chords and smooth almost spoken word vocals, half-time to what it is now. But over the months me and Brad did some experimenting with it, Brad changed the beat and chords completely to the first half, to which I was devastated and told him he had completely ruined the vibe haha. So we compromised and stuck the two versions together. After some re-writing and arranging we got the final thing. I remember toward the end of the process I actually told my girlfriend at the time that we had created an ‘actual masterpiece’.

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PARIS 070616


Paris was written in early 2016, I hadn’t ever been to Paris. I was however, in love. We came up with the beat in the studio, I laid down those chords and Brad (SIX4) put the drums down and within a couple hours we had the whole song. The writing, as usual, came from a place of deep, romantic love with the thought of waking up next to her, in fresh white sheets, sound of city life coming in through an open window and the Eiffel Tower in sight.  
A few months later, I did actually find myself waking up next to her in Paris. Talk about law of attraction.

SIDES - 110817

I wrote Sides in early 2016, at the beginning of a relationship that needless to say didn’t work out. had I paid attention to what I was actually singing to myself I probably could have predicted that. Sides is straight up truth. I can not do what I want to do, get where I wanna be, achieve what I want , reach my full potential if I’m with someone who wants me to hit the clubs every weekend or needs to to be there when they’re sleeping. I pray someone out there can relate to this track because I felt selfish as hell writing it. Now I see that I can’t have someone relying on me too much. Whatever she needed, it really could not be me. I think this track probably hits home to the people out there aiming high, with big goals and dreams, you start to see who and what really stops you from reaching it, sometimes it’s yourself, other times, it’s the relationship.

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BESIDE ME - 280817 


Beside me is a short interlude inspired by Donny Hathaway’s - I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know. It’s based around the same lyrical idea as well. A short little burst of deep, strong love..



Rush - 300617 

The whole idea for Rush came from another one of my personal experience. Me, ‘Bond’ (Ayelle) and Brad were all in the studio getting creative and I was saying about a situation I was in with a friend who I thought I was catching feelings for. She was feeling me but I wasn’t 100% sure how I felt, did I wanna take that next step with someone and potentially lose a really good friendship? Ayelle’s lyrics were beautiful and perfect, as always she captured exactly how I was feeling and for my verse I followed her writing and just put my own twist on it.



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FOOLISH - 110817

I've wanted to release this song FOREVER. I wrote the song back when I was seeing a girl who didn't really love me as much as I loved her or wasn't ready to be fully with me and I came to the conclusion that I'd rather be a fool and love her for now than not love her at all.  The song was originally called JS (after the girls initials) but before releasing the track I decided to change the name to Foolish for 2 reasons, 1. I was being foolish. 2. Foolish by Ashanti was our song. Seemed pretty fitting. 


ENOUGH TIME - 040817

This is another track we had laying around for a while and it was changed, production wise, a few times. The first version Six made was a little slower and more vibey. I wrote the track back in early 2016 but before we released it I changed up the beat, arranged and added to the lyrics so it was all a little tighter. I was in a relationship when I wrote it and honestly I was smitten, tunnel vision, obsessed, I wasn't perfect but everything I did reminded me of her, she was literally all I could see. This song always gets me pumped, I'm pretty proud of it. 


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nakala can'tbeme artwork sample.png

CAN'T BE ME - 210717

After I wrote ‘I Tried’ and went through some realisation with that break-up, I came out the other side as I usually do, positive, able to brush it off and move forward quickly leaving only a track of songs behind me. Along that trail I wrote Can’t Be Me. I wrote this track with a grateful, positive yet very emotional mind. When I listen or sing this song I always tear up, it always hits my heart the same way it did when I wrote it. Despite the verses being a little bitter and sad, the chorus comes from a place of pure love, for God, life and myself. It reminds me that no matter where I go, I’ll walk with God and with faith. Learning to forgive myself and love myself for who I am did not come naturally but this song is a glimpse of me trying. Also this track also touches on “fixers”, the type of person that tries to save their partner, tries desperately to help… Sometimes they need something, but it can’t be you my friend.

CONSTANT - 130717

Constant was written early 2015. Needless to say, I thought I was in love again. This girl was beautiful and I was smitten for at least a week before I realised I was still in love with my ex. Honestly I don’t remember writing the track, I think it started with just me and my piano as usual somewhere between love and la la land.


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nakala 0108 artwork final.png

0108 - 070717

0108 is a story in itself, I was seeing a girl but knew deep down I still loved my ex who had moved to Leeds for uni, and she still loved me but had a new boyfriend. When I found out I was totally heartbroken and begged her back, we were sneaking to hotels in random City’s, I would meet her in the weirdest places, hiding texts, lying, wishing I’d never left. Typical ‘in love with your ex’ scenario. So we finally decided to give it another go, I had to leave my girl and she had to leave her boy, however you’ll all be happy to know I did not run him down in my car.


LOVE WAS - 160617

This track was written in 2015 in about 10 minutes. Just me and my piano digging up some deep emotions. It came from a breakup, and fear, realising that maybe I didn’t know myself, maybe I wasn’t in love, maybe I didn’t even really know how to love. I had a good girl and I left her for a bad one. I came to the conclusion that I really knew nothing about love. If I did, why would I run from it? It really just came from being fully aware that I had no idea what I was doing.


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nakala gottahavethem artwork sample B.png


Gotta Have Them is a mixture of every emotion you go through after a break-up, although it’s upbeat and kept my head up through a hard time, it has a deeper meaning than just ‘f*ck b*tches, get money’. Yes, I am saying that I’m talking to a lot of girls but really these girls are just distractions, and I need distractions right now to stop myself thinking about the girl I really wanted to stay with. I ain’t proud of what I’m doing and I know it ain’t fair, but I gotta have them.


SAY YOU LOVE ME - 280417

This is another track that was sat on for a couple years before release, I wrote the first verse back in late 2014. As with all my songs it came from love and had personal meaning to me, I had grown and learnt how to love better, I felt I knew what the other half needed now so I wrote it all down. Little did I know I still had a lot to learn. The rest of the song wasn’t written until early 2017 and then released in April. One of my favourites.



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I wrote some lyrics to this song while driving home from the studio one day after finding out my ex’s who used to hate each other were now hanging out together. You can imagine the inspiration that I got for this track was so real and instant. With all my songs I struggle to hold anger or frustration so although this track starts off bitchy, the second half turns around and I reflect on how lucky we really are that things do actually stop being relevant in our lives. God gives us second chances all the time and though things can end badly or you can feel shit about certain things there is always a chance to start again and do a better job.  



Another time is a song about liking someone who you really can not fall for. Cut a long story short, she was my close friends girlfriend and I fell for her. It was messy and she showed so many signs of liking me back but I knew we couldn’t do anything. So we waited, a day. Jokes. We waited a year, I was tempted to write a song called “About Time” to describe what it was like when we finally linked up, maybe I still will.


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nakala dayone artwork (1).png

DAY ONE 290917

Day One is a harsh reality track. We’ve all had that ex that will do the weirdest shit just to get you in the same room as them, they’ll turn up to events knowing you will be there but never tell anyone they still love you. I’ve had this problem a couple times with ex’s acting up for no reason then being told that they probably still love me. The second verse on this song touches on the “hot - crazy” scale. She may look 10/10 on instagram but lucky Instagram can’t see how crazy she can be.


I KNOW 070417

My mums favourite. This song was written after a situation with a girl that didn’t work out but I knew full well the love was still there on both sides. We weren’t chatting anymore but I could see my stats on SoundCloud and she was always right at the top, so I felt necessary to release that track so she knew that I knew. Needless to say, she loved R&B and did still listen to me.



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Hello, World!